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Ah Zhu
Ah Zhu, a new post-95 model in the Mainland, birthday: 1997-08-20, zodiac sign: Leo, currently lives in Beijing. Azhu has taken many body art portraits, and once followed well-known photographers WANIMAL and LPVISION to shoot large-scale works and attracted countless fans, and then transferred to Xiuren. Ah Zhu's facial features are exquisite and her profile is invincible, her body is soft and S-shaped curves are uneven, she has a unique temperament and appearance that fits her temperament, and her shape is ever-changing. She is suitable for commercial shooting of various themes and atmospheres. She has cooperated with many photographers and shot Experience.
Works: 153
Little Ding
Xiao Ding (小丁こまち), a large-scale coser in Taiwan, birthday: February 10, 1999, constellation: Aquarius, Twitter account: @Small_PinkRose
Works: 101
Shen Nana
Shen Nana, a Taiwanese AV actress, a popular actress in Madou Media, was born in 1996. She is 166cm tall and weighs 40kg. She looks pure and has a sweet smile.
Works: 110
Douniang Lishi
Dou Niang Lishi, real name Chen Ruoyi, birthday: 1999-01-16, from Shenzhen, Guangdong, popular Coser, graphic model, active on Weibo, Twitter and other social media, also for the well-known mainland photo agency "" "Shooting many sets of works.
Works: 151
Joey Lynn
Qiao Yilin, English name: Joylin, height: 168cm, measurements: B90 W65 H91, place of birth: Beijing, China, current residence: Beijing, and is currently the exclusive model of MISSLEG.
Works: 26
Miss Dong
Miss Understand, the No. 1 model of Late Night Project, Twitter account: @dongojyousan
Works: 29
Meow Xiaoji
Explosive girl Miao Xiaoji, a sexy cosplayer in mainland China, who claims to be the number one ACG character hit, Twitter:
Works: 77
Wang Yuchun
Wang Yuchun, also known as Wang Yuchun, birthday: 1992-11-17, constellation: Scorpio, blood type: B, height: 170cm, measurements: B89 W64 H90, birth: Xicheng District, Beijing, China, popular model, push girl, and Dragon Ball anchor in China ( Room No. 760097), with jade-run muscles, undulating and moving, with a sweet and white smile.
Works: 267
Zhizhi Booty
Zhizhi Booty, a mainland model and anchor, real name Chen Zhi, birthday: 1996-01-01, constellation: Capricornus, height: 168cm, measurements: B84 W66 H90, was born in Guangzhou, and claims to be a junior sister without a big brother. Twitter account: @zhizhibooty.
Works: 271
Zhou Yuxi
Zhou Yuxi, nicknamed Little Fox Dummy, is a mainland graphic model and a live broadcast female anchor. She graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a female anchor of Beijing Redu Culture Media Co., Ltd. Quotations: There is no right choice at all, we can only rely on struggle to make the original choice appear right. Birthday: 1995-10-01 Constellation: Libra Height: 165 Measurements: B88 W60 H86 Born: Xuhui District, Shanghai, China Occupation: Graphic model, anchor Hobbies: Travel, fashion, art, food
Works: 309
Yang Chenchen
Yang Chenchen, original name: Gu Xinxin, nickname: sugar sweetheart CC, a mainland plane model, has slender legs and a charming S figure, height: 170cm, measurements: B88 W65 H89, model of Wuhan Star Road Culture and Art Development Co., Ltd., showman Popular online model, Weibo quote: This blogger is so cute, don't flirt easily.
Works: 367
Doll sister (HongKongDoll), born in Shanghai, moved to Hong Kong with her parents since she was a child. She can speak fluent Cantonese. She is 167cm tall and weighs 48kg. She became popular on the Internet after her debut at the end of 2020.
Works: 79
Wu Mengmeng
Wu Mengmeng, a famous Taiwanese AV actress and model, is known as "Taiwan's No. 1 Actress". Wu Mengmeng was born in Taipei on July 27, 1990. Since 2019, she has shot pornographic videos with her boyfriend "Xiong Ji", who is an emergency physician, and published them on Taiwan's local adult platform SWAG. After leaving SWAG, Wu Mengmeng began to build a professional photography team to shoot adults. Feature films, in addition to being a producer, she also starred in most of the films she produced herself. In March 2022, Wu Mengmeng and her boyfriend "Xiong Ji" accepted an exclusive interview with the BBC Chinese website. She said that she gained a great sense of accomplishment from filming, but also mentioned the negative effects of filming pornographic videos on her.
Works: 87
Xia Qingzi
Xia Qingzi, AV actress signed by Madou Media, currently living in Taiwan, Twitter:
Works: 106
Li Wanji, No. 1 model of Late Night Project, Chinese and Japanese, Twitter account: @RIHIMESAMA
Works: 26
Zhu Keer
Zhu Keer Flower, formerly known as Zhu Ke, once used the stage name barbie Kerr, was born in Wuhan on October 1, 1994, graduated from Wuhan Second Normal University, a post-90s online model, and participated in Mango TV's "Perfect Holiday" column in 2015. In 2016, she participated in the Mango TV "2016 Super Girl" audition. Zhu Ke'er has a proud figure, and quickly became popular on the Internet with her cute appearance, cute tiger teeth and childlike big breasts, and was called "G milk sweetheart" by netizens. It's time to discuss whether to make the chest smaller.
Works: 176
Chen Xiaomiao
Chen Xiaomiao, alias: Yuan Tianxizi, birthday: 1999-01-12, constellation: Capricornus, height: 170cm, measurements: B89 W60 H90, birth: Huangpu District, Shanghai, China.
Works: 66
Zhou Yanxi
Zhou Yanxi, alias: Tufeiyuanshouqiao, birthday: 1988-10-19, constellation: Libra, animal sign: Dragon, blood type: B, height: 170cm, weight: 48, measurements B88 W60 H89. A mainland flat model, she learned acting and dancing since she was a child.
Works: 112
Fang Zixuan
Fang Zixuan, aliases: Fang Zudou, Mu Qing, a mainland plane model, was born in Chongqing on February 14, 1995. Constellation: Aquarius, height: 174cm, measurements: 86 60 90, hobbies are food, travel, listening to music, music, Currently in Beijing
Works: 57
Lu Xuanxuan
Lu Xuanxuan, a post-90s rookie model in the mainland, birthday: October 15, 1997, height: 170CM, is an impeccable beauty in appearance and figure.
Works: 157